Lemons and Cupcakes



Last weekend was Atlantic Fashion Week and for the first time , I took part.  What and experience!  It’s crazy how you work for so long and then it’s over in 5-10 minutes.    I had a great group of Uber models.  They were all fabulous!  I even had a beautiful mother daughter duo, two of my favourite people and part of what I consider my fashion family.   I chatted with other designers and felt so inspired by them!  My line was called ‘Lemons and Cupcakes.’  I found this fun lemon fabric that I could not resist!  It reminded me of the luscious lemons we saw while exploring Cinque Terre and it fell perfectly in line with my vision.  And to make it extra special I got some custom dyed silk by Dee Silkie!  The colour was as vibrant, if not more so, then the lemons.  It was perfect.  My ‘cupcake’ fabric was fabric I fell in love with a few years ago.  I bought as much as I could and have been searching for more!  It reminded me of well...a cupcake or some kind of delicious French pastry!   This line represented me so well....where I've been, my inspirations, my hopes and dreams and of course, my goals.  





It’s always tough to get back to reality when you have this delicious taste of what could be.  It has inspired me.  My eye is on the prize.   I am fixated.   The wheels are in motion.  I. Will. Do. This.   The only thing stopping me, is me.  Who needs sleep?!  I will work day and night .  I will show my child to never give up on your dreams and work hard to make my day dream come true.  




Hope everyone has a fashionable and fantastic weekend! 


Be stylish, be you.


Adrienne xx


photos by Brent McCombs