New Year, New Possibilities!


Can you believe it's already a new year?!   I haven't posted in a while.  Things were so busy over the holidays with working and making product for two stores as well as custom garments....and working on my business.  Always a work in progress!  One fun thing I did over the holidays and something I've always wanted to do, was a Christmas shoot!   I met the two owners of Creative Supply Productions one day when they popped into my place of work for a meeting.   Little did I know it would turn into a new creative relationship.  They are just as passionate as I am about my work, and that is everything!    When I approached them about having a fun holiday shoot, they were totally on board.   Best part, Ashley, is also a model and modelled for said shoot!   I used these photos to bombard people's social media feeds with a few of my favourite things; Holiday season, Dresses and sparkle as well as creativity and people helping each other shine!  

This NYE was rather quiet for me. We hardly had enough energy to stay up until midnight, but we made it.  My goals are the usual ones; eat better, exercise but also to put more focus on my family, myself and my business.  Not be afraid to say no and to accept help if I need it.  This last one is a challenge for me!  I try to do it all but I do realize that one person cannot do everything.   I also want to get my French back to where it once was.  I at one time, spoke only French and gradually lost it over the years from lack of speaking it.   I miss it, I love it and need it back.  And if I plan on going to Paris, France...I better get back on track!  

 I have big ideas for this year starting with the launch of a mini collection this spring and a new t-shirt design.  Last year was the planning, learning and some personal growth.  I have a better footing now.  My head may still be in the clouds, but my feet are also firmly on the ground.    Here's to a new year full of possibilities and dreams coming true! 


Adrienne :)

Be Stylish, Be you!  Soyez Chic, Soyez Vous!