Stay Sweet



I've had an obsession with pineapples for about 7 years.  It began during my honeymoon in Hawaii.  I saw this t-shirt with a pineapple and didn't buy it....then I couldn't find it.  I also ate the most delicious, fresh tasting pineapple I ever had.  Then suddenly, a few years later, pineapples are all the rage!  And I'm here thinking...I already loved them so maybe I was ahead of the trend?!  Who knows.  In 2017, I did a line for the NBCCD Fashion show called "Stay Sweet".  It featured the sweetest pineapple print designed by Surface Designer and fellow entrepreneur,  Dee Wilkie, just pour moi!  She added all the things I love and most importantly, it was a pineapple!   I would say that doing this collection last year is what really inspired me to venture out into Ready to Wear.  I've always done custom garments but realized I would love for my designs to be more accessible and honestly, sometimes I just want to design what I want rather than do something for someone else.  That is, stick to my brand and not stray from it.   Don't get me wrong, I love custom but wanted people to want MY designs rather than bring in a picture or idea.  That way, it's truly 100% Adrienne Goodine.  Fast forward to today, I work for amazing local business, Robert Simmonds.  I've collaborated with them on my first t-shirt design.  And as you can guess, it does in fact feature a pineapple and is called "Stay Sweet".  I am so excited to see this in the store, with my tags on it.   My first little collection of clothing!  "Stay Sweet", is not just about pineapples.  It's about being kind to yourself.  When doing this line, I was going through some changes in my life with regards to my job and my goals.  Making this was my first step in a new direction and sometimes I could be hard on myself.  I called it "Stay Sweet", to remember to stay sweet to myself.  So it's cute and has meaning behind it!   Always be kind to yourself, you're doing the best you can. 

Be Stylish, Be you

Adrienne xx